From creating herself to supporting creative endeavors, the act of creating has always been an intrinsic part of Kathy Preher Reynolds' being. Her fervent passion for artistic expression has guided her on a diverse path, allowing her to immerse herself in the captivating realms of theater, photography, and painting.

Born in Louisville, KY, Kathy's insatiable curiosity about the world surrounding her has fostered a profound desire to comprehend the forces that shape our existence. Despite always recognizing her innate creativity, she never envisioned pursuing art as a professional endeavor, even though she consistently indulged in the act of painting. However, it was during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic that she granted herself the opportunity to wholeheartedly explore her intense love for painting. With her industry, the entertainment arts, brought to a standstill, she found herself with the time and space to liberally embrace her artistic aspirations.

The transformative experience she underwent through the Fine Art Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute acted as a catalyst, propelling her towards new heights and instilling an unwavering commitment to embarking on this artistic journey. Drawing inspiration from her past and present encounters with personal growth, Kathy ceaselessly delves into the quest of cultivating a life of love, joy, and inspiration.

When she is not engrossed in her studio, Kathy cherishes moments spent with her husband and their three children, marveling at the myriad of ways in which life continually challenges and rewards them.