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The Caterpillar's Fate

The Caterpillar's Fate

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The Caterpillar's Fate is a small original, mixed media painting created in 2023 with collage, acrylic inks,, acrylic paint and spray paint.

This painting has been brought to life on watercolor paper,
A small creation of 5x7 in size, with an 8x10 mat in place, ready to be framed! It will bring life to any space that needs to be filled.

These small originals are the perfect foundation for a budding collection,
Or a remedy for spaces on walls that yearn for embellishment.
They offer a touch of elegance without overpowering the senses,
A delicate yet impactful addition to any space. This painting is perfect for anyone who loves nature, whimsy, or art. It would make a great addition to any home or office.

**NOTE**  The first image is a photo of the original and the 2nd is a scan. You might notice a slight color difference between the two.  

SHIPPING: Shipping is free! This item will ship flat in an 8x10 rigid envelope.

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