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Measured Delight

Measured Delight

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Measured Delight is a 12x12 mixed media painting.

Experience the joy and wonder of "Measured Delight," a stunning mixed media and oils artwork that captivates with its blend of geometric shapes and organic elements. Radiant white circles cascade across the canvas like stepping stones in a tranquil stream, while bold pops of pink and clusters of white dots add an element of whimsy and beauty. The textured surface, with visible brush strokes and splatters, creates a dynamic energy that draws the viewer in. Let your imagination soar as you explore the intricacies of this abstract masterpiece, where every detail invites you to discover new depths of beauty and creativity.

NOTE Owing to the inherent nature of online sales and limitations of my photography skills, there is a chance of color variation when the product arrives. It is worth noting that paintings are best appreciated when viewed in person.

**SHIPPING** Enjoy complimentary shipping on your order! Rest assured that your painting will be carefully packaged in a bubble-wrapped envelope, providing a layer of protection against any temperature changes during transit to its new home.


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