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Water and Mountains

Water and Mountains

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'Water and Mountains' is a 40x16 mixed media painting.

Step into a world of beauty and serenity with this stunning artwork entitled "Water and Mountains." Marvel at the vibrant landscape painting that captures the essence of a peaceful sunrise or sunset over majestic mountains and a tranquil body of water. The swirling clouds and expressive brushstrokes infuse the scene with a sense of movement and drama, while the use of glass bead gel adds a unique texture to the water, making it come alive on the canvas. Hand-created collage papers add a personal touch to this uplifting and inspirational masterpiece that will transport you to a place of healing and tranquility. Embrace the beauty of nature and let this artwork fill your heart with joy and peace.

**NOTE**  Owing to the inherent nature of online sales and limitations of my photography skills, there is a chance of color variation when the product arrives. It is worth noting that paintings are best appreciated when viewed in person.

**SHIPPING** Enjoy complimentary shipping on your order! Rest assured that your painting will be carefully packaged in a bubble-wrapped envelope, providing a layer of protection against any temperature changes during transit to its new home.

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